We are combating loneliness and social isolation in the disability community.  We work to increase awareness, spark joy, and create a sense of belonging through our Forget-Me-Not Friends Club Program.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To be a source of joy that inspires a sense of belonging for people with disabilities.


The feeling of great delight and happiness caused by something exceptionally satisfying.  We're dedicated to creating consistent, recurring moments of joy for people with disabilities.


The state of being moved to action, affecting feelings of loyalty and trust. We wish to inspire positive bonds between people with disabilities and their wider communities through acts of goodwill and kindness.


To be counted as a member of a group and feel accepted as you are. We want to foster a sense of belonging by making connections and recognizing the value each person brings into our world.

Why the Forgotten Wishes Foundation?

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One in four people of all ages has a disability that keeps them from living, working, attending school, or socializing without the assistance of another person. While each individual's needs and circumstances are different, they share one thing in common, They often feel excluded, isolated, and forgotten. The Forgotten Wishes Foundation was created to impact the lives of people living with a disability by letting them know that they are remembered and valued.


"Robert just opened his card. It produced the biggest genuine smile I have seen in a long time. Thank you!" Mellody P., Parent

Who Do We Serve?

We are open to anyone with a disability at any age, focusing on individuals with IDD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and other physical or mental impairments. One of the grim statistics for people with a disability is that over 40% of them do not have a family member or friend who is there to provide additional support or care when needed. We know that this population often goes unnoticed and unremembered on their birthday, holidays, and other occasions. The Forgotten Wishes Foundation wants to ensure that those with or without a loved one in their lives receive recognition throughout the year. 


"It was very cool receiving the card, knowing I'm appreciated. Especially on Valentine's Day when most people feel alone. It's very uplifting." Adnan A.


What Is Our Focus?

The Forgotten Wishes Foundation is not an advocacy group or direct care provider for people with disabilities. Our primary goal is to be a source of joy and inspire a sense of belonging by creating a community that reaches out to participants multiple times throughout the year.

The Forget-Me-Not Friends Club is our first initiative. We have created this program to remember our friends on their birthdays, holidays, and other occasions with personalized cards, small gifts, and fun stuff.