The Forget-Me-Not Friends Club

A Place for Friends

This club is for people of all ages with a disability. Sign up to receive personalized birthday cards, small gifts, holiday greetings, and fun stuff in the mail from your friends throughout the year!


Forget-Me-Not Friends Club

Who Can Join The Club?

The club is for people of all ages with a disability.

  • Check your mailbox In 7 to 10 days for your membership package

  • STEP3

    Watch for more cards and fun stuff to arrive every 4 to 6 weeks


Club Membership Is FREE


"This is an inspired idea. I work with so many individuals who are lonely. I actually book my follow-up appointments for patients' birthdays so I can wish them a happy birthday! I can't wait to share this with them." Emily B., Provider

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There are several ways you, your company, or your organization can help us grow our community and spark joy in the hearts and minds of people with a disability.