Brave Together Podcast with Jessica Patay
Jessica Patay is a women with blond hair and smiling. She is the Founder of We Are Brave Together Nonprofit

Brave Together Podcast with Jessica Patay

The heart of We Are Brave Together is to strengthen, encourage, inspire, and validate all moms of children with special needs in their unique and difficult journeys. Founder Jessica Patay hosts a podcast called Brave Together. Jessica interviewed the Founder of the Forgotten Wishes Foundation to find out more and what inspired Lisa to begin this journey.

Image of Jessica Patay and Robert and Lisa Dempsey, Founders of the Forgotten Wishes Foundation.

Founder of We Are Brave Together and special needs mom Jessica Patay says, “A mom to children with special needs” means you are a mother caring for any age child or adult, with ANY TYPE of challenge — be it medical, mental, behavioral, genetic, developmental, psychiatric, learning, cognitive, or physical. The common thread here is how the members of the community can offer support and strength to one another. Our hope is that each mother comes away from an event, gathering, retreat, or online exchange feeling recharged and empowered, knowing that she is NOT ALONE.”

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