How to Write a Letter to a Stranger
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How to Write a Letter to a Stranger

Creating a Connection with a Letter

In our fast-paced and digital world, receiving a handcrafted letter from a stranger is rare. Yet, the magic of a heartfelt letter can create an extraordinary feeling of connection between two unknown human beings. Writing a short letter to someone you don’t know and have never met can be an uplifting and rewarding experience, both for you as the sender and for the recipient. Today I will give you simple instructions to craft such a letter and share five ways it will positively impact the recipient. At the end of the article, you will find three sample letters that used the format in this post.

Embrace the Warmth of a Handcrafted Letter

A handcrafted letter stands out as a symbol of thoughtfulness and care in a world dominated by emails and text messages. Start by selecting designer stationery, a lovely blank note card, or a simple piece of paper. Choose a pen that glides effortlessly across the paper and whose ink dries quickly. Writing by hand adds a personal touch that conveys sincerity and authenticity, but typing out your words can have just as much meaning. The value of your letter comes from its sincerity and candor.

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1. Begin with a Friendly Greeting

Firstly, open your letter with a warm and inviting salutation. You can use a simple “Hello,” “Hi there,” or “Greetings.” Remember, the tone is friendly and welcoming to create an immediate sense of connection.

2. Introduce Yourself Offer Insite Into Your Life

Secondly, briefly introduce yourself, sharing a little about who you are, your interests, or what inspired you to reach out. Describe what you enjoy doing during your day or what brings you joy. Share something you love about the city or town where you live. Be genuine and transparent, as this will resonate with the recipient and foster a sense of trust.  

3. Use a Favorite Quote to Inspire Connection

Consequently, if you find it challenging to come up with enough to say in your letter, consider sharing one of your favorite quotes. Tell your reader why this quote is meaningful to you and how it has brought you comfort, joy, or the ability to motivate you each day. If the selection came from a story, share a bit about the book and what you enjoyed about reading it. If it came from a famous person, share a little of the individual’s history.

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4. Above All, Include Words of Kindness and Gratitude

Furthermore, offer a simple gesture of kindness or support, such as wishing them well or encouraging them to pursue their dreams. Express your gratitude for being able to share your story or gift of friendship with the reader. Whenever we express gratitude, we lift the recipient’s spirits and remind them of the good things in life. A kind word can have a profound impact on someone’s day.  

5. Sign Your Letter with Warm Regards

Finally, conclude your letter with a warm closing, such as “Best wishes,” “Take care,” or “With kind regards.” Sign your name below the closing to personalize the letter. It might also be appropriate to add the name of your company, organization, or club if the letter is part of a larger group project.  

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What to Avoid

Avoid using terms like “God Bless You,” “I’m Praying for You,” or other religious terminology. Remember, you are writing to a stranger, and we do not know their beliefs. Moreover, you are writing from an inspiring place and intending to create a moment of connection, but don’t assume the person you are writing to is in a desperate place or needing consolation. Be wary of using a tone or narrative implying the reader needs to be fixed, improved, or rescued somehow. 

The Positive Impact of a Stranger’s Letter

Furthermore, now that you have the basic steps to write your letter let’s explore the positive impact it can have on the recipient.

  1. Surprise and Delight: Receiving a letter from a stranger in the mailbox is a delightful surprise that brightens anyone’s day. It shows that someone took the time to connect on a personal level.
  2. A Sense of Belonging: Knowing that a stranger reaches out to them can create a sense of belonging and remind them that they are not alone in this vast world.
  3. Human Connection in a Digital Age: In a world where digital interactions dominate, a handwritten letter restores the human connection we often miss in our busy lives.
  4. Boosting Mood and Happiness: A heartfelt letter can bring a smile to the recipient’s face and uplift their mood. Consequently, it might even become a cherished keepsake they revisit during challenging times.
  5. Inspiration to Pay It Forward: Your act of writing a letter may inspire the recipient to do the same for someone else, creating a ripple effect of kindness and connection.

Get Started Writing Your Letter

So there you have it. Writing a short handcrafted letter to someone you don’t know and have never met is a beautiful way to create a sense of connection between strangers. Embrace the warmth of a handcrafted letter, share positive thoughts, and find common ground to make your letter impactful. Remember, a little kindness can go a long way in brightening someone’s day and reminding them of the beauty of human connection. So, pick up that pen, let your heart guide your words, and make a stranger’s day a little brighter by sharing a personal note, story, or message of friendship.


The Forgotten Wishes Foundation’s mission is to combat loneliness, spark joy, and create a sense of belonging for people with disabilities nationwide. One of our primary programs is to send handcrafted cards and letters to our Forget-Me-Not Friends Club members throughout the year. Our supporters, community members, and company volunteers create these cards and letters and mail them to Forgotten Wishes Foundation to distribute via their programs. Visit our Get Involved Page and investigate having a Card Party to practice your new skills of handcrafting a letter.

This article was written by Lisa Dempsey, Founder of the Forgotten Wishes Foundation.


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