Handwritten Notes of Kindness
A Girl with Down Syndrome is holding a handwritten card from the Forgotten Wishes Foundation

Handwritten Notes of Kindness

Let’s talk about the magic of receiving handwritten notes of kindness and friendship and how it creates a community of inclusion for people with disabilities.

Inclusion for someone with a disability can feel like having a VIP pass to the coolest party in town. Inclusion feels like you have a seat at the table regardless of your abilities. And guess what? Handwritten notes of friendship can play a special role in making that happen with the help of the Forgotten Wishes Foundation.

Imagine you’re dealing with the everyday challenges of living with a disability. Suddenly, you receive a heartfelt handwritten note from someone, letting you know that they see you, appreciate you, and are thinking of you. It’s like a warm hug for your soul!

Forget-Me-Not Friends Club Program

The Forgotten Wishes Foundation sends cards and letters to the Forget-Me-Not Friends Club members all year round. These little notes are like powerful mood boosters. They show that someone cares and you’re not alone in your journey. They remind you that your voice matters, and they can give you the strength to keep pushing forward. Plus, let’s be real, getting a handwritten note in this digital age is like finding a unicorn; it’s rare and pretty darn special!

Regarding inclusion, these notes of support and kindness are like secret weapons. They have the power to break down barriers and build connections. They let people with disabilities know they are seen, valued, and appreciated for who they are. It’s a beautiful way to foster empathy and understanding within our communities.

Host a Card Making Party

We invite community members, organizations, businesses, and students to help us by hosting card parties. The card party can be onsite or virtual. Finished cards with friendship messages are sent to Forgotten Wishes to distribute nationwide.

Not only do these notes bring joy and comfort, but they also challenge the stigma surrounding disabilities. They help dismantle stereotypes by highlighting the human side of things. When you receive a note filled with genuine kindness, it reminds you that people’s perceptions can change, and that’s a big step towards creating a more inclusive society.

So, my friends, let’s spread the love through handwritten notes. Let’s celebrate inclusion and ensure that everyone feels like they belong, no matter their abilities. Take a moment to send a word of kindness—it might make someone’s day and brighten their path. Together, we can make the world a more inclusive, compassionate, and handwritten-note-filled place!

Lisa Dempsey is pictured with a quote about belonging.

This article was written by Lisa Dempsey, Founder of the Forgotten Wishes Foundation.

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