Two individuals using wheelchairs are surrounded by other women making hearts with their hands in an inclusive setting

The Importance of Inclusion

Inclusion for People with Disabilities Inclusion isn't just a theoretical ideal; it's a vital necessity...
Two individuals using a wheel chair sit next to a young man in a white shirt and red tie. The image is reflective of people with disabilities

What is Ableism

The Forgotten Wishes Foundation believes that fostering an inclusive and empathetic environment for all individuals,...
A Girl with Down Syndrome is holding a handwritten card from the Forgotten Wishes Foundation

Handwritten Notes of Kindness

Let's talk about the magic of receiving handwritten notes of kindness and friendship and how...
Man with glasses in a blue shirt is holding a sign that says I belong #inclusion from the Forgotten Wishes Foundation

Combating Loneliness

In today's world, we must recognize and celebrate the unique abilities and contributions of individuals...
Jessica Patay is a women with blond hair and smiling. She is the Founder of We Are Brave Together Nonprofit

Brave Together Podcast with Jessica Patay

The heart of We Are Brave Together is to strengthen, encourage, inspire, and validate all...
Jess Ronne is a woman sitting drinking a coffee. She is the hostess of the podcast Coffee for Caregivers.

Coffee with Caregivers Podcast

Coffee with Caregivers is a podcast hosted by Jess Ronne. Jessica Ronne is an author,...
Laurie Hellmann is standing with her son Skylar.

Living the Sky Life with Laurie Hellmann

Laurie Hellmann is an author, speaker, podcast host, advocate, and mother. Laurie sees you, and...

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